ICQ 8.0.6017 for Windows 10


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It is a program through which we can chat live with other users of the application. Calls may be conducted by: sending individual messages in chat conversation with two or more people conduct a voice call. The service includes a server and at the client icq.mirabilis.com, both components of the system communicate using UDP. To contact someone, we must first add a person to our list of friends, while giving the authorization - so create your online group friends when one of them is at the same time on-line, you can be contacted. Every person at the registration gets his one and unique identification number (UIN - Universal Internet Number). The number of active accounts ICQ than 150 million, but its rapid growth has been hampered by the emergence of competitive products, especially AIM (America Online) and MSN Messenger (Microsoft). The main alternative is, of course, to interact in a way written in the second person who has an account on ICQ. But there are other options: * Transfer files on a P2P * texting * watches * send e-cards (Greetings Cards) * playing a simple Flash game - some have the ability to skirmish two players at once * Video Conferencing